Budgets And Rates To Hire A Landscaper

This work consists of converting an outdoor space that is barely used into a pleasant space that can have the necessary function. The work includes the creation of green areas, but also the installation of relaxation areas, access, or gazebos, among others.

To achieve this, the basis is to adapt the land to the project, which is why it is sometimes necessary to move the earth, level, or create slopes or spaces. For this reason, the cost can be very variable, from €150 to clear a small garden to more than €1,000 that it can cost to level it.

Landscapers can decorate a terrace in many ways. For example, a large terrace can be decorated by renewing the outdoor furniture and painting it in a new color. The floor can be covered with synthetic wood tiles or with artificial grass.

One of the most attractive alternatives is vertical gardens, which can cost from €200/m² on average, although the simplest ones do not cost more than €100/m². As for the furniture, a basic one can cost from €200 for a small terrace.

Landscaping, gardens, and houses are closely linked concepts. Gardens are becoming increasingly important. These spaces are no longer neglected and now the trend is to design green spaces that accommodate the lifestyle of the residents in the building. In this way, you can find Zen-type gardens, Mediterranean gardens, sustainable gardens, etc.

The price of the projects will depend, fundamentally, on the dimensions of the land on which they are going to work. A small garden project will cost around €200. If it is a piece of land of more than 1,000 m², the cost would amount to €500 on average.

It is useless to have the services of a professional if the green spaces created are not cared for, which is why landscapers also offer services when it comes to properly maintaining designed gardens. The work of the associated gardeners makes it possible to maintain the aesthetics and state of the garden in perfect condition.

The price of the service may depend on whether it is occasional or a permanent job is established. By the hour, it can be between €18-€20/hour. If it is a contract with fixed hours per month, the cost will be somewhat cheaper. Maintaining a garden of about 100 m², two hours a week can cost around €150/month.

The price that landscapers apply to their portfolio of services can be highly variable. First of all, it will depend on the difficulty of the project. Secondly, whether it is only a question of carrying out the design or also of its execution. And, thirdly, the plants and elements that give shape to the garden.

The work of landscaping and garden design can be carried out by different types of professionals. Landscaping consists of modifying the visible physical characteristics of a certain space, including living elements such as flora, but also taking into account natural elements such as landforms or artificial ones such as buildings.

Not everyone has the same notions of gardening or the same time to dedicate to the garden. When hiring a landscaping and gardening professional, it is convenient to clarify what you are looking for. For example, if it is going to be a garden that will have the usual services of a gardener or if, on the contrary, it will be a garden with particular maintenance.

The quality of the work and the experience of the landscaper are essential in this type of service, but the price must not be lost sight. The best thing to do is to ask for three estimates to find out what the average price is in the area of ​​the service that you want to hire.

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